Your K&K Kekse und Kaffeehaus Foods Lieferant in NYC and Detroit
DON’T come to us, WE COME TO YOU!
We are a young bakery, specializing in German and Austrian “Cookies and Coffee House Foods”. Find the best locally made Christmas cookies, pastries, cakes and small snacks. We bake very efficiently and do shipping, local delivery and occasional market appearances only.

Since we mainly do deliveries, this is why we call our selves the K.u.K. Lieferant – the cookie and coffee house food purveyor. If you would like to find our Christmas cookies, Apple Strudel, Black Forrest Cherry Cake, don’t expect to find a storefront. We don’t have one.

But you can apply online for party catering, wholesale and local delivery. And for online purchases please visit our etsy shop.

Keksies Feingebäck is now available all year long! To serve you with all your “Kaffeehaus Food” needs. In the past Keksies has been offering its famous German and Austrian Christmas cookies from October to December only. With our K.u.K. (“Kekse und Kuchen” meaning cookies and cakes) concept, this year we will be offering our first year round baked goods! Order Feingebäck – the finest sophisticated cookies of NYC – and seasonal German and Austrian cakes and pastries online. For yourself, for your office party or any type of catering. For all your Kaffeehaus Food needs. In the beginning for local New York City customers only but we will try to be able to ship some of our products nationwide also – like our famous Christmas cookies. Which will still remain available from October – December only.

Cafés, Restaurants, Gourmet Stores and local NYC Markets who would like to offer our fine hand made cookies, can apply online. Don’t be shy, contact us!
In the future our baked goods will also be available on websites specializing in local orders and delivery. Browse our selection of traditional German and Austrian Weihnachtsgebäck, Kekse und Kuchen such as Vanillekipferl, Zimtsterne and Marzipanstollen.

keksies edible queens

Edible Queens

“Edible Queens”

In the 2012/2013 winter issue “Edible Queens” covered our Christmas pastry brand “Keksies Weihnachtsgebäck”.
In the interview with Alia, the co-founder Hans is talking about the beginnings of their young food business as a side business in Hamburg, Germany and the vision to make “Keksies Weihnachtsgebäck” based in Quens, New York the most famous Christmas cookie brand in the world. More..

Are you already looking for the famous Austrian and German Christmas cookies?